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Enzyme adds fiat-to-crypto onramp!

We are delighted to announce that Enzyme now offers a robust and highly efficient fiat-to-crypto onramp, powered by Onramper. This new feature allows Enzyme users to buy crypto natively in-app, with support for more than 180 countries and over 95 fiat currencies.

Payment is simple, easy and quick.

Select from either $ETH or $MATIC, insert the amount you want to buy (eg. £100), and choose from popular payment methods such as Credit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

For every transaction, Onramper will automatically check which fiat onramp provider has the lowest fees, allowing Enzyme users to save money and choose their preferred option.

In this blog, we discuss how asset managers can use this new integration to quickly and easily convert fiat to crypto in the Enzyme app.

What is Onramper?

Onramper is a fiat-to-crypto onramp aggregator, which implements all major onramps in a single solution. This allows Enzyme users to get global coverage of supported countries, payment methods, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

  • 180+ countries covered
  • 95+ fiat currencies supported (USD, GBP, EUR, etc.)
  • 2 base cryptocurrencies supported ($ETH and $MATIC)
  • 3 of the most popular payment methods (Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay)

How does Onramper work?

Onramper has built intelligent order-routing engines to increase the success-rates of transactions by recommending the on-ramp that is most likely to result in a successful transaction.

Onramper supports many of the leading on-ramp providers, giving users the most cost-efficient means of converting fiat into your desired digital asset. This includes:

  • MoonPay
  • Wyre
  • Xanpool
  • Mercuryo
  • Indacoin
  • Coinify
  • Transak
  • Itez

As an Enzyme user, the best conversation rate will be automatically selected for you at checkout. However, you can also opt for any alternate provider should you wish. Read more in our docs here.

How can I buy crypto with fiat on Enzyme?

1. Click your wallet in the top menu

2. From the “Manage Connected Wallet” menu, select “Buy crypto”

3. Insert the amount you want to buy (eg. £100)

4. Select the token you’d like to buy (eg. $ETH)

5. Select your preferred payment method (Credit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay)

6. The “Best Rate” will be automatically selected for you

7. Click “Buy”

After your purchase is complete, the cryptocurrency will be accessible via your wallet (eg. MetaMask). You will then need to either deposit the cryptocurrency and/or buy shares of a vault.

Benefits for Enzyme users

With in-app fiat-to-crypto functionality, Enzyme now makes it much easier to manage a vault or deposit crypto into a vault without leaving the app.

🌎 Buy crypto without leaving the Enzyme app

💸 For every transaction, Onramper checks for the lowest fees

🤝 Simple and easy to use UX

💵 80+ fiat currencies supported

⛓️ $ETH and $MATIC supported

Get started today

At Enzyme, we’re constantly seeking to improve the in-app experience for asset managers. With our new fiat-to-crypto integration, we make managing your favourite digital assets on Enzyme one step easier.

To get started, visit the app today: