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Enzyme is thrilled to announce a new trading UI, with extended support for ParaSwap v5

Enzyme is very excited to announce the release of an entirely new trading UI, which offers enhanced features and a streamlined design to make your on-chain asset management experience even more seamless.

In addition, we’re also releasing extended support for ParaSwap v5, with functionality for Simple Swap and Mega-Path swaps, as part of a wider strategic decision to enhance Enzyme’s trading capabilities.

An entirely revamped Enzyme trading UI

Our new trading UI embodies our commitment to providing an unparalleled trading experience for our users. We have reimagined the trading process, streamlining operations and enhancing usability while preserving the full functionality and security that our users expect.

Let’s take a look at some of the key updates and features.

  • Repositioned Elements: We’ve strategically reorganised elements within the UI for enhanced user experience, facilitating ease of navigation and efficient trade execution.
  • Intuitive Token Selection: The revamped modals for token selection provide a seamless, intuitive trading experience.
  • Rebranded Transaction Settings: Aligned with industry standards, we’ve rebranded “advanced settings” to simply “settings” and relocated them behind a cog icon in the top right corner, following a template similar to Uniswap.
  • Improved Error Handling: By enhancing error handling, we’ve made user interactions smoother and more efficient.
  • Streamlined DEX Display: We now present only the best quote from available DEXes to the user, simplifying decision-making while still providing full access to a complete list via a drop-down menu.
  • Enhanced Transaction Details: Our improved transaction details modal provides a comprehensive, user-friendly overview of your trading activities.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Acknowledging the increasing demand for mobile-friendly platforms, the new interface is entirely mobile compatible, perfect for vault managers who prefer to swap on the go.

Introducing support for ParaSwap v5 Simple Swap and Mega-Path Swaps

In addition to the revamped UI, we’re delighted to announce extended support for ParaSwap v5, integrating Simple Swap and Mega-Path Swaps functionality into our platform.

  • Simple Swap: This feature allows for direct token swaps, without using intermediary tokens. For instance, you can swap 50 ETH to MKR directly through one or more DEXes.
  • Mega-Path Swaps: Enables the usage of one or multiple intermediary tokens in order to maximise the output of a swap. An example would be 100 ETH → USDT, where the best route could be first, swapping 100 ETH to DAI and then, swapping the corresponding DAI to USDT.

Let’s explore some of the key benefits that these new Swap features unlock.

  1. Better rates and liquidity: Paraswap scours all supported liquidity sources for the best rate on a given pair and optimises order execution to maximise value while enhancing liquidity.
  2. Secure the best path routing: This unique feature of Paraswap enables the consideration of indirect trading routes and seamless interaction with various decentralized services like Aave or Compound.
  3. Save time and gas fees: Save on time and gas fees as ParaSwap finds the best route for you amongst hundreds of liquidity sources and multiple-paths, always taking gas consumption into account.
  4. Minimise price impact and slippage: ParaSwap optimises price impact by analysing multiple token swap routes and gas efficiency, ensuring the best quote with maximum user value.

Interested in launching your own vault? 🚀

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