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Maple Finance Comes to Enzyme!

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Enzyme is able to support lending on Maple Finance. This gives Portfolio Managers within the Enzyme ecosystem some exciting new yields to monetise.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Enzyme is able to support lending on Maple Finance. This gives Portfolio Managers within the Enzyme ecosystem some exciting new yields to monetise.

What is Maple Finance?

Maple is the first undercollateralised lending protocol for institutional borrowers. The protocol creates unique and interesting lending opportunities of up to 14% on USDC made up of a blend of interest and $MPL rewards. Borrowers are onboarded by Pool Delegates who assess credit-worthiness and set loan terms with borrowers. Pool Delegates, Celsius, Maven 11, BlockTower and Orthogonal Trading are sophisticated teams of credit analysts.

Maple’s tooling and smart contract kit includes everything required to give credit experts an edge in running a sophisticated global lending business, including loan origination, loan management and real-time performance reporting. You can find out more here.

How Does This Benefit Enzyme?

At Enzyme, we’re committed to integrating with a wide-range of market leading DeFi protocols so that users can access the best and most innovative DeFi products available. Our Maple Finance integration on Ethereum provides a new and exciting way for vault managers to access additional yield opportunities to enhance their returns.

Maple’s yields are generated by funding loans to a diversified pool of Borrowers with credit protection provided by reserves of staked capital. These Maple lending pools all come with several interesting yield capabilities which can help maximise returns on USDC and ETH, depending on the strategy you choose to run.

For example, lenders can seek yield opportunities by depositing capital into lending pools that are managed by Pool Delegates for institutional borrowers. On top of interest, lenders can earn Maple’s native token $MPL as lending rewards.

Maple is designed to be a set-and-forget solution for Lenders, as Pool Delegates conduct due diligence on Borrowers and manage the Pools.

As a manager on Enzyme, this opens up new opportunities to generate yield by lending to top corporates and institutions in the crypto sector via our Maple Finance integration. Each Lending Pool fund loans to numerous Borrowers, offering you access to diversified exposure.

Get Started

Sounds exciting?

To get started, connect your wallet via the Enzyme app and navigate to the Maple Finance integration. From there you can browse Lending Pools on Maple and choose a Lending Pool based on performance.

Simply deposit your USDC or ETH and stake to earn rewards (assuming the Maple Pool has deposit capacity). The Maple Lending Pool then funds loans to the top crypto institutions.

You can easily and seamlessly manage your Lending Pool at any time via the Enzyme interface, as well as track real-time 24/7 data such as performance, portfolio balance and much more.

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